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Zeiss Ikophot Lightmeter

Ikophot Rapid

Ikophot was Zeiss/Ikon's name for their hand-held meters; like a lot of companies, they didn't get around to giving them separate model names until later on, fairly popular, Zeiss made a couple versions of it with only minor tweaks.

This is the Ikophot Rapid which has a match-needle instead of a scale.

Weston Master Universal Exposure Meter

“ The Master 1” 1939/47

The first of the Weston Master 715 series, , this meter was produced at Newark NJ in 1939 and then in the UK by Sangamo Weston in Enfield, Middlesex after the war in 1947.

It is the first of the Master series and the first Weston to have an "upright" format. Note that there is a 715 a and a 715 b - only the dials are slightly different.

Metrovick Photo-electric Exposure Meter

British Made 1939

The Metrovick photo-electric Exposure Meter consists of a light-sensitive

photocell, and a highly accurate and robust electrical measuring instrument

which, is calibrated directly in exposures at

F8 when using film rated at 23 Scheiner.

Zeiss Ikon Diaphot Extinction Meter

A very simple disc type extinction meter, the subject is viewed through the eye-piece, turning the rim of the case causes a variable density wedge to rotate across the field.

At the indistinct point the shutter speed and aperture pairs can be read on the front of the meter.

A blue glass filter is used to view the subject.

It was originally offered by ICA and later Zeiss Ikon from 1921 to 1934.

The meter has a viewfinder on the back.

Weston Cine Exposure Meter

Model 819 Circa 1939

A Weston 819 cine light exposure meter, dating from 1937, this is really a 650 cine version but it was numbered out of sequence in the 8 range because of its direct reading capability.

Made in Newark New Jersey in 1939

The Weston Master V Universal Exposure Meter 1960s

UK Made - Model S461

The fifth of the Weston Master series, this meter was made only in the UK, starting in 1963 and continuing to 1972.

Model S461 in the UK and 748 in the US. It is very similar to the EuroMaster (European in the US) which followed it.

Aluminium with a beige-grey plastic  case, they were not readily available in the US and not widely sold in the UK

Agfa Lucimeter S  Light Meter & Case

This is the last of the Agfa Light meters, This is a match-needle type with no scale on the face.

It uses a selenium cell so no batteries to deal with. Simple to use, just aim it at the subject and the needle moves. Then rotate the outer ring on the meter dial and the diamond-shaped needle moves. Move the dial so that the other needle is in the middle of the diamond shape. Then you can read the speed/aperture combinations in the lower half of the dial.

( Click Here For Manual)

Weston “Master III” Exposure Meter

Model S141-3 Circa 1955

The third of the Weston Master series, this meter was the last model produced at Newark NJ and also by Sangamo Weston in Enfield, in the mid 50s

The UK meters were distributed by Ilford Ltd. Weston IIIs

(US Model 737, UK S141).

The US model had a stainless steel case much like the model IV. A cine version (S217 - UK only) was also manufactured. Apart from the dial, they were the same as the Weston II.

Hanimex Sekonic L-8b Exposure/Light Meter in Case

This is Sekonic's very popular L-8 co-branded and sold by Australian Hanimex. The only difference is the Hanimex logo.

Case & Lanyard Supplied

Leningrad 4 Light Meter & Case

This is quite a nice meter. It's bright and easy to read.

There's a big slide-switch on the side which is the high-low scale switch; it's spring-loaded so you have to hold it to stay in Low, and then it flips back.

The meter scale is on a roller so when you go to Low, the scale changes appropriately.

Incident attachment in case

Leningrad 8 Light Meter & Case

Simple to use meter. Set the calculator dial , take a reading and note the light value the needle is pointing to, then turn the dial until the pointer meets up with that number.

The slide switch on the side flips the scale on the meter face.

Incident attachment in case

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